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Solar energy is considered the most progressive form of energy in the current generation. With the prices of fossil fuels increasing, and the environmental jeopardies involved, it was about time we invested in something renewable, affordable yet sustainable to the environment, and that’s where solar energy comes, it’s basically the energy harnessed from the sun, converted to electrical energy to suffice ones energy requirements. Most countries promote the use of Solar energy and provide subsidies and discount to it’s uses too. The United States of America gives up to 30% discount on the use of solar energy, based on state and area.

how to buy solar panel

But, in order to buy a solar panel, one must take a few things into account. Right now, there are a number of companies giving facilities of both buying and leasing solar panels for house hold usage, so using is wisely is the best decision available. Some of the key things that need to be kept in mind are:

  1. Cost calculation and expenses based on electrical needs:

Solar panels can cut off a large chunk of expense in the conventional electricity use, thus it reduces cost. So it is better to get a very clear idea about the wattage ratings of regular used products, specially for appliances like heating and air conditioning as they consume a good amount of electricity. This gives the person a clear idea about electricity usage at home and Can choose the proper wattage for their solar panels. Thus always choose a solar panel with more wattage than required, to prevent any jeopardies

Also, contrary to popular belief, solar panels don’t last forever, they have a warranty of around 10-15 years and require a replacement after the time period. So it’s a matter of investment involved, if a person requires 2 kW system given that they’re ¬†extremely energy efficient (about $15,000 to $20,000 to install) or a 5 kW system if their energy usage is more conventional (about $30,000 to $45,000 to install). So, it needs to be decided whether using the one timely investment will be more feasible or the regular conventional electrical usage.

  1. Location and placement of the panel

The solar panels provide electricity by harnessing the sunlight available, so the position of the panel should be kept in mind. Before placing solar panels, one should keep it in mind the condition of the house is very important in this case, if the house is too old, then it might not be strong enough to be able to house solar panels in it.

Also, the angling of the panel is very vital here, it is to make sure that the roof gets enough sunlight and one has permits to build solar panels. Secondly, the position is to be taken seriously, the panel should be placed in such a way that it can harness as much sunlight as possible, specially during the hours of 9:00-3:00, the more is the intensity of sunlight, the more is the electricity production.

  1. Add ons, and proper maintenance:

Add ons can be very necessary in placing solar panels properly, devices like solar trackers help the positioning of the solar panel, thus the effectiveness of the panel increases. Also, when involved in buying or leasing a solar panel, one should only trust reliable companies with good track record. Also, one should refrain from mixing brands ad it might jeopardize the entire system

it is to be kept in mind that the installation should be handled by professionals, because most of the products are very expensive and using in unwisely can cause trouble as well as severe economic Los

In short, these are the things one should keep in mind while buying a solar panel.

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