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In the 21st century, one of the main benchmarks behind a countries development is it’s ability to generate power, both sufficiently and sustainably. The world has been dependent on coal based resources and fossil fuels for a long time, but they come with their fair share of jeopardies. So, the world is looking for more feasible and sustainable sources of energy, and that’s where solar energy kicks in, solar power refers to the energy harnessed from the sun, it’s much more affordable, renewable and environment friendly, and thus solar energy is considered as one of the most progressive forms of energy in the current world.

solar vs electricity

Jeopardies of conventional energy:

One of the main jeopardies of conventional energy is that they must be located, excavated and transported before being used, these processes are detrimental to the environment and can cause problems like soil and land erosion, also they need to be located, the uncertainty regarding their location can cause problem that even lead to conflicts.

Another problem is that conventional fuels require to be burnt (combustion needs to take place) in order to produce electricity, and they result in huge carbon emissions, these carbon emissions is one of the core reasons behind climate change and global warming. Also, power plants are one of the main reasons behind noise pollution in the world.

Another major concern is the expense, it’s fairly expensive and looking at the bigger picture, solar energy is a lot more cheaper and affordable.

Benefits of solar energy:

With the problems due to the use of conventional energy increasing, solar energy is the most progressive form of energy available,¬† one of it’s major benefits is that it’s environment friendly, there might be a few emissions during the production, installation and transportation of the panel but ¬†that’s pretty minuscule, and also solar panels don’t take up much space and they are absolutely silent, they don’t create any sort of noise in the production process, thus it’s much more feasible for urban areas than the conventional energy plants

Solar Power is run by harnessing the sunlight, so it’s abundant and renewable, and it can be available in any corner of the world, NASA researches say that the sun will be available for at least 5 billion years more, so it goes without saying that we can utilize the best of solar energy for the present without compensating for the future. We can never ocerconsume solar power or use it to harm the environment.

Solar energy is cheaper and available in every corner of the world, solar panels, once utilized properly can harness enough solar power. Solar panels require one time investment and generally they have a warranty of 20-25 years, meaning they require an exchange afterwards, so one time investment can be economically feasible than regular expenditure. Also, for less economically developed regions in the world, using solar panels instead of costly grid extensions can be more feasible for the people. Also countries like United States of America provide subsidies to it’s people to promote the use of soalr panels.

Final verdict:

The world is still run on fossil fuels, even though they have their benefits but it comes with it’s fair share of jeopardies, but looking at the bigger picture, solar panels are affordable, clean and much beneficial to the environment, and with constant research and Improvement, we can only hope it’s development in the coming years. So, solar energy Is definitely the more feasible option than the other sources of energy available.

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